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Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity

Phnom Penh , Cambodia
Joined October 2012
Presence in: Cambodia

The Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity (CASC) is the only organization in Cambodia working with survivors of acid violence. CASC works on several different levels. For acid burn survivors CASC provides extensive (medical) support and skills training. To limit accidental acid burns CASC promotes education and awareness in safe handling and storage of acid. At a national level CASC works to eradicate acid violence by encouraging the establishment of strict regulations to limit acid availability and by encouraging the enactment of legislation. Victims of acid violence are usually among the most poor and marginalized of the Cambodian society. They lack the knowledge and financial resources to find adequate medical and legal help or assistance. Therefore, CASC provides free medical and legal services, advice and support.

CASC’s four areas of focus are:

1. Surgical, medical, and psychological treatment.
2. Vocational training and social reintegration projects.
3. Legal assistance and advocacy for legal reform.
4. Awareness raising, research, education and advocacy to eliminate acid violence.

CASC is determined to supply legal help and to press for legislative reform and enforcement of the current laws. CASC is dedicated to push for significant social and legal change and we try to achieve this by providing information and support in combating injustice.

People Associated With This Organization

Sharon Beijer is the network champion (main point of contact) for Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity.

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