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Network Champion: Main point of contact for this organization. Maintains this page and ensures organization makes the most of network membership.
Joshua Kago Mahande

Added on: Sep 10, 2019

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We work with institutions involved in Electoral Justice mechanisms from the grassroot to the top most. Our Mission is to; Advocate And Enhance The Quality Of Electoral Processes. Electoral Aid Clinic

The ignition of Centre for Electoral Justice & Research (CEJ-R), in particular, is as result of complaint we raised in 2016 general elections to Uganda’s Electoral Commission. The complaint questioned, inter alia, the integrity of the National Youth voters register, capacity and efficiency of Electoral commission staff to conduct a free, fair and transparent election process and also challenged the Electoral commission to raise up to the occasion nullify a fraudulently nomination and thereafter elected person. This prompted us to form and organisation with specific interest in Electoral Justice hence we incorporated in Uganda 2017 (Re No. 80020000495724) and subsequently obtained the NGO certificate (INDR143912253NB) and a work permit (INDP0002253NB) in 2019.

Since elections are a competition for political power which invite disputes at all stages of the electoral cycle (pre-election, election day, and post-election). These disputes may reflect a genuine conviction that the rules of the electoral process were not followed, or they may be intended to derail the democratic process. Despite efforts to move towards multi-party elections in Uganda that are free, fair and peaceful, electoral justice and election-related disputes are key concerns for both emerging and consolidated democracies. Therefore, there is need to ensure the judiciary and other institutions as important arms in guaranteeing electoral Justice are adequately prepared for the electoral processes, and in a position to handle disputes challenging election results in a timely, fair and effective manner.



Joshua Kago Mahande

Founding Member of Centre for Electoral Justice and Research; and current Executive Director passionate about Electoral Justice as a means of promoting good governance. Having fully been registered this year by the NGO Bureau, We're looking forward contributing to SDG16 in regard to justice and election especially in local council elections where electoral Injustices have gone unattended too. Joining this Network to for my personal and organisational growth. I hope to learn from the many already established individuals and organisations in the Justice field and others.