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Cooperation Center for Afghanistan (CCA)

Kabul, Afghanistan
Joined April 2012
Presence in: Afghanistan

Cooperation Center for Afghanistan (CCA)is nonprofit and nongovernmental organization which was established in 1990 as a charity organization to protect human rights and the integrity and historical values of Afghanistan. CCA was one of the few civic groups to maintain a presence in Afghanistan throughout the Taliban era via its offices in Kabul, Mazari-Sharif and Bamian, and during this time CCA provided critical information on human rights abuses, perpetrated by both the Taliban regime and Northern Alliance warlords, to the international community via its contacts with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Several members of CCA were killed in their attempt to establish an office in Kabul in 1992. CCA also played a key role in capacity building of civic organization through its training unit on issues such as gender, human rights, and public administration.

Through activities, such as training workshops and seminars, advocacy campaigns, refugee education, human rights monitoring, and rural community development, CCA promotes citizen-based sustainable development, democratic values, pluralism, the rule of law and women’s participation.

CCA’s vision is creation of a situation, in which human rights are understood, respected and monitored by the people; the society is governed by the rule of law and on the basis of democracy and human rights; and target communities have reached a sustainable level of social and economic self-autonomy. And CCA’s mission is promotion of human rights, the rule of law and democracy as well as sustainable development in Afghanistan. These two goals are inter-linked and mutually support each other.

CCA seeks the full application of international human rights standards in Afghanistan by educating the public in human rights and monitoring the improvement of the human rights situation in the country.

CCA is committed to mobilization and maximum use of local resources. Meanwhile CCA tries to attract the attention of donor organizations and communities to Afghanistan by informing them about the suffering and misery of Afghan people. CCA has been working in northern and central Afghanistan including Kabul since 1990. CCA works for and with women, children, returning refugees, disabled, displaced families and victims of human rights. CCA also aims to strengthen the capacity of public services providers, community workers and development practitioners through its capacity building programs.

The main governance of CCA lies with a General Assembly, which consists of volunteers and paid members of CCA. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the organization and is responsible fro the approval of and amendments to the organization’s charter, election of the Chairperson, Advisory Board and Executive Director for the organization and approval of the organizations ‘s general policies. The GA can also dissolve the organization if agreed by fourth-fifth majority. Chairman chairs General Assembly meetings and represents CCA in important gatherings. Chairperson has a key symbolic role for CCA and assists the executive branches by his/her advices.

The Advisory Board consists of no fewer than 5 and no more than 9 members. The Board membership is decided by the General Assembly and includes intellectuals, development workers and experts. The Board develops and approves CCA priorities and long-term strategies and provides valuable advice and guidance to the organization from time to time.

Headed by the Executive Director and consisting of program managers and financial officer, the Executive Committee is primarily responsible for the operational management and administration of the organization.
CCA implement its activities by financial and technical supporting of membership fees and forighn assistant through donors such as UNHCR, UNWOMEN, UNAMA, NED, IOM, NCA, CWS, ICCO, US Embassy, JICA and OSI.
One of CCA’s main donor is UNHCR which support CCA’s project since 1996. Project with UNHCR is mostly design to support IDPs and returnees. Currently CCA is partner of UNHCR to implement the project in Central Highland to provide assistant to IDPs and returnees through shelters.

For more information about CCA you can refer the website or contact through email: or Telephone: +93-(0)700294693