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Andriy Vyshnevsky

Added on: Jul 12, 2016

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2018

Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision (hereinafter – CCLAP) is a governmental institution. It was established within the system of the Ministry of Justice to implement the responsibilities of the Ministry in the field of free legal aid and more specifically, to develop and implement an effective system of free (primary and secondary) legal aid in Ukraine, and to ensure its accessibility and quality.
CCLAP is fixed in legislation as a central coordinating institution in the area of legal aid provision.
Key tasks of the Coordination Centre are:
1) organizational, expert, analytical, informational, material and technical assurance of the Ministry of Justice’s powers for free legal aid provision;
2) analysis of the law enforcement practice on free legal aid provision;
3) submission to the Minister of Justice proposals on the public policy development and implementation in the mentioned field.


Anastasiia Artsymovych

I work in an organization that provides free legal assistance to Ukrainian citizens. The system of legal power in Ukraine includes centers in which everyone can apply for free legal advice. In the system of free legal aid thousands of lawyers work, which daily help citizens of our country. Demand for such a service is very large. In view of these circumstances, legal clubs have been established in the system of free legal assistance, which are engaged in the development of skills and skills of lawyers providing legal assistance. In one of these clubs I work. In the legal clubs (which 5 in Ukraine) are conducted trainings, seminars, lectures and other activities aimed at training and professional development. The target audience of clubs is not only lawyers of the system of free legal aid, but also other representatives of legal professions. Our goal is to unite. If there is a problem, unite all aspects of this problematic problem.


Andriy Vyshnevsky

Director of the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision in Ukraine


Iuliia Soroka

Ms. Soroka Iuliia is a part of team of Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. She is responsible for the international cooperation within the free legal aid system. She is interested in the fundraising, technical assisstance provision on the community level, including the legal empowerement.


Kateryna Yeroshenko

I work as a project coordinator in Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation. My main interests are legal empowerment in remote communities, advocacy, leadership in small communities, community policing, development of Pro Bono culture in Ukraine. I also work with OSF Ukraine on developing a paralegals network in Ukraine.


Nadiia Kyzytska

I am in charge of communications in Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision and have over 3 years of experience in the field of provision of the legal aid in Ukraine. At first legal aid services in Ukraine were provided to detainees, suspected and accused (in 2013). Since then, over the past 4 years, we have extended our services to other vulnerable groups of people, and now focus on legal empowerment of communities, access to legal information and legal advice. Today the provision of the legal aid in my country is performed through the wide network of more than 500 local legal aid centres and their partners on local level - NGOs and local governments. Thus, our mutual work is closely intertwined with communities legal empowerment. By joining this network I want to explore more about global legal empowerment movement, and what we can learn from the international community about how to promote it effectively in Ukraine.


Oleksandr Baranov

Legal Aid Ukraine


Oleksandr Hryb

Head of Division, Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision in Kyev, Ukraine


Rostyslav Rosolovskyi

Head of the Division "Kharkiv Inter-Regional Resource and Communications Platform" Advocate. Trained and monitored PARALEGALS


Serhii Trotsenko

Deputy Director of the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision in Ukraine. Mr. Serhii Trotsenko is a Deputy Director of Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. On this position Mr. Trotsenko is responsible for the strategic planning and development, finances, communications and international cooperation within the free legal aid system in Ukraine. He started his career in the Department of Youth and Sport of Cherkasy Region State Administration in 2006 and later worked in the Department of External Relations and European Integration in the same administration. He worked on different positions in the Centre for Adaptation of the Civil Service to the Standards of the European Union/ Twinning Programme Administrative Office where he coordinated CIB, SIGMA and administrative reform programmes. Prior to joining the team of the Coordination Centre he gained experience in the Centre for Legal Reform and Legislative Drafting. His role included information support, external relations development and strategic planning. Since 2012 Mr. Trotsenko has worked in the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision. Mr. Trotsenko holds a degree in economy and international politics (latter he has received at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).



I am currently working at the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision, focusing on strategic directions for developing the Free Legal Aid System in Ukraine. While working at the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision, I participated in the creation of a network of more than 550 legal aid offices, planned and implemented mechanisms for integrating these offices into territorial communities to improve access to justice and legal empowerment, and also worked out the mechanisms for researching legal problems and the needs of citizens. I am currently chairing the Kyiv Inter-Regional Resource and Communications Platform (Kyiv Legal Club "PRAVOKAROR"). This is a place for professional training and development of personnel of the Free Legal Aid System in Ukraine, representatives of different legal communities and other stakeholders. This is also a place for sharing experiences, generating and implementing innovative practices in law.


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