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Florence, Italy
Joined March 2021

We work for a world of peace, diversity and hospitality, with more rights and democracy, social equity and inclusion, and more environmental sustainability

Presence in: Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, State of Palestine, Tunisia, Zimbabwe
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Health, Livelihoods, Other, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights

COSPE is a no-profit association founded in Italy in 1983, operating in the international cooperation to overcome conditions of poverty and social injustice throughout the world. COSPE has branches officially registered and recognized in almost 20 countries with more than 90 ongoing projects in three main thematic areas:

  • Human rights and Democracy: we work to widen the spaces for participation of citizens in the public and democratic life, especially of vulnerable groups and people at risk of exclusion. We work to promote enhancement of human rights and support to human rights defenders’ demands and protection
  • Migrations: we work to guaranteeing the rights to migrants in countries of origin, transit and arrival. The goal is to build inclusive, multi-cultural and open societies, capable of making of diversity their wealth.
  • Environment and new economies The intertwining of climate change and the increase in inequalities in an overpopulated world puts at great risk the stability of ecosystems and the right to a dignified life for an increasing number of people. Our response is an ecological conversion of the economy and lifestyles centred on social and solidarity economies.

COSPE cross-cutting approaches:

  • Strengthening of Civil Society: The heart of COSPE action is the enhancement of local civil society’s resources, capacities and spaces, supporting social and economic movements, grass roots organisations and activists
  • Women’s empowerment and rights: Gender inequalities are the oldest and the most pervasive in the world. COSPE supports the creation and growth of women’s associations, their economic and social autonomy and their political leadership, and of a gender approach to the development
  • Social Inclusion and Protection: COSPE promote analysis and solutions to overcome systemic social exclusions, encouraging multi-stakeholders dialogue, capacitation of public institutions and empowerment and action of marginalized and vulnerable groups

People Associated With This Organization

Federica Masi

Joined March 2021
Interests: Gender-based violence, LGBTQI+ Rights, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
I have a PHD in Human Rights protection and extensive experience on social justice in the Global North and South. I have worked in the past 22 years in the international cooperation covering different roles and position in the civil society with short and long missions in about 20 countries. I have been the Executive Director of the international NGO COSPE in Italy for 7 years and then Director of the International Cooperation Department for other 6 years. In 2018 I have decided to move to another COSPE Branch, namely COSPE in Eswatini, as Country Director, to be closer to the programs’ implementation in a South perspective and to put at disposal my knowledge and experiences in human rights for a transformative change, as well to enlarge and enrich my professional competencies. I am currently the Southern Africa Coordinator and also the Project Manager for a large regional LGBTI rights program, supporting LGBTI organisations and human rights defenders in Eswatini, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.
I would like to join the network to know about other programs and organisations that are operating for the enhancement of human rights and social justice, to put at disposal the best practise that I have encountered or developed so far, to learn about other interesting exeperineces that could be disseminated and replicated, to access opportunities of trainings, competence building, and exchange programmes, and also funding opportunities for new projects and ideas. I think it is a great opportunity at a personal professional level, but also for the other civil society organisations, grass roots organisations and activists we are working with.
Federica Masi is the network champion (main point of contact) for COSPE.

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