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Khalishpur, Bangladesh
Joined August 2013
Presence in: Bangladesh

In 2001, when the people of the Southwest side of Bangladesh are neglected by other people, when the people in the rural areas were helplessly moving here and there in their families and domestic animals in search of shelter and food,, a group of young social workers came forward extending their cooperation with necessary steps for the betterment of the society. At the same time they realized that the disadvantaged people namely the Dalit people had no education, no idea to cope with the higher class of people, very conservative and bonded with so called religious and social superstitions. Keeping in mind of sustainable development and empowerment to these people, they felt of the necessity of forming an organization. After subsequent discussion, the young group took a decision that an organization which is non-government, non –political, and non-religious will be founded. As the Dalit people like other disadvantaged people are ignored as darkness, they need a light or a star to remove the darkness of ignorance. The organization is finally named as `DHRUBA’ a Bengali word meaning the name of a star. DHRUBA came into formal recognition in 2004 and registered under the Directorate of Social Service, People’s Republic of Bangladesh. At the initial stage, DHRUBA started with personal and environmental hygiene, early marriage, importance of education human rights and use of local resources, etc. As DHRUBA was working for the disadvantaged Dalit people and trying to work all over Khulna district, it attracted the donors. As a result, DHRUBA was registered with the registration of NGO Affairs Bureau in 2012 under the foreign donation rules and regulation. The organization believes in non directive bottom up integrated and participatory development framework and works as a catalyst with the concerned people and aspires a judge-full and equitable shareable society where every individual could be able to live in peace, harmony and justice.

People Associated With This Organization

Rekha Boiragi

DHRUBA (Unverified)
Joined February 2019
Interests: Livelihoods
I am, REKHA MARIA BOIRAGI, working for more than 20 years in the field level. I am working among the dalit (so called out caste community) specially for the women and girls. As I am a woman I would like to work among our women specially for the women in the rural villages for their empowerment and socio economic development. I would like to help the poor girls for their education because our poor girls don't have the chance to get standard education. May the poor girls & women have their justice in this world.

Uttam Kumar Das

Joined August 2013
Interests: Gender-based violence
Dear All,
I am Mr. Uttam Das, founder of the organisation DHRUBA ( . DHRUBA, a local ngo, working for the poorest of the poor (dalit-untouchable society). From the very beginning we are trying to serve the poor for their betterment and to make them go ahead with the mainstream of people. We are trying to make them wealth not burden in the society.
Uttam Kumar Das is the network champion (main point of contact) for DHRUBA.

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