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Luke Kapchanga

Added on: Aug 23, 2018

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We inform, educate, research and advocate on the importance and feasibility of the global agreements at the grass root, mobilize and engage stakeholders, ensure accountability by the duty bearers, m

                                    POLICY and PLANNING

Policy framework has to be tracked both at the county and country level among others:

Monitor  outcomes  of accountability in service delivery

Raising awareness on importance of SDG  and mobilizing policy makers on aspect of funding their implementation.

This because SDGs requires active mobilization of a broad range of stakeholders in priority setting, implementation and review.


The 2030 agenda and its Sustainable Goals  stresses the need to involve every facet of society in its implementation and calls upon governments to have strategies to facilitate effective and concerted actions by policy makers, stakeholders and civil society.

We focus on localizing the SDGs, key elements needed, synergies, opportunities and challenges , means of implementation, carrying out analysis of data availability for SDGs.



Written a blog on second anniversary of T30;

Presented a paper to the Nile Basin Discourse Summit 2017 in Entebbe, Titled: Climate change and sustainable development.

Contributed to written input of Together 2030, to the High Level Political Forum at UN. in 2017.

Signed Open Letter to the chair of the UN Statistical Commission and Co-chairs of the Inter Agency Expert Group on the SDGs. February 2016.

Signed Open Letter to co-facilitators for the informal consultations on the follow up and Review of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. May 2016.

Contributed to recommendations by Together 2030 reaction to the Zero draft resolution on the Follow – up and Review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the global level. May 2016.


Luke Kapchanga

I am a media practitioner. Currently Director of Emonyo Yefwe International, focusing on advocacy and creating awareness on the Paris Agreement and monitoring SDG implementation at the grass roots. By being a member , I will use the network interactions to improve on what I am doing as a person and organization. in my area of operations.


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