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LIRA, Uganda
Joined May 2022

Uganda where everyone have access to better healthcare and provided without discriminations. We mobilize and empowered community access to healthcare, accountable and promote peace building

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Children's Rights, Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Gender-based violence, Health, HIV/Aids, Policy Advocacy

The organization implement women’s empowerment and access to justice, aim to improve access to the formal justice system through the dissemination of information and the training of local organizations, promote legal awareness and responsiveness for marginalized groups such as women, girls, youth, and disability, and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and media in Uganda in regards to health, gender, and media as well as hosting talk shows and facilitating Focus Group Discussions. The organization attains its objectives, using a national public awareness media campaign, policy review meetings, seminars, and workshops, addressing political outreach and advocacy, resolution, and motions. It utilized radio programs, Public Outreach Service Announcements, and interactive talk shows and contests to provide women, men, and youth with information and practical examples on how to address justice challenges. The organization also facilitated structured Focus Group Discussions (FDGs) and media advocacy activities to enhance outcomes. The project expressly intended to provide public information considered essential to using the judicial system, while also providing alternative responses through the non-formal sector. FICRD experience over nearly a decade has shown that the media can change how citizens behave when it comes to settling their legal disputes, and healthcare issues; and it assumes the media can change public perceptions about how the judicial system functions. Based on its previous intended-outcomes of media productions, the media campaign for this project will invert the pyramid of assumptions, working incrementally from increasing public knowledge, to bolstering public confidence, to promoting new behavioral habits. The organization contributes to increasing the potential for women to use the formal justice system by disseminating information concerning individual rights, the current state of laws, and the different legal avenues available.

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Joined May 2022
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Organizing, Community Paralegals, Gender-based violence, Health, HIV/Aids
I am an Executive Director of an Organization called Facilitation for Integrated Community Rural Development (FICRD) Uganda. FICRD Initially focused specifically on issues that affect formerly abducted children during the two-decade insurgency in Northern Uganda. We gained solid experience and understanding of the ethnic differences and the complexity of issues they face especially the girl child, youth with disabilities, and most disadvantaged community. FICRD has supported women and girls’ rights since its inception, working with both the district local governments and NGOs through Participatory Learning Approach (PLA) and Community Empowerment and Right Based Approach on social service delivery such as educational projects, healthcare services, and information, family planning, and sexual and reproductive health rights. FICRD has led successful advocacy campaigns and by doing so secured 46,150 school drop-outs and, reduced SGBV, child protection, and child marriage in schools and communities. We empowered them with skills that have enabled many to fend for themselves and participate in local decision-making processes. Generally, FICRD has economically empowered many youths in Lango sub region and Uganda at large. FICRD is a Community Bsed NGO established in July 2006 and I am writing to apply to Join the Network Group of Human Rights with a particular interest in Sexual Gender-Based Violence, Health Rights especially those in detention, and prison Projects. I was excited to learn about Legal Empowerments Funds
through an update on my application requested for funding support so that the organization can join the networks of human rights groups in Uganda. As a public health specialist in the community, I feel strongly connected to legal aid and health rights issues. My interest in health, HIV/AIDS, SRHR, women, and children's rights has further developed through my work experience with court and stakeholders' interest in anti-racism.

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