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Knowledge Centre based in Bamako, created in August 2001. Registered in Mali as a research-to-action association. Activities: Decentralization, democracy, local development, Land & natural resource

Presence in: Mali
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Traditional / Customary Justice

Groupe ODYSSEE is an action-oriented research organization in Mali, specialized in political, social and spatial issues and using action research methods. The group has a strong record on issues of governance, decentralization and (national and local) territorial control, while members of the group have also been involved in the efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Mali. Groupe ODYSSEE contributes to the systematization of information on territorial dynamics in Mali (local, national, international) and involves its network where possible.

´Membership: researchers, development practitioners, policymakers, entrepreneurs 

´Structure: Supervisory Board, Management team, Scientific committee, General assembly of members, Flexible staff with fixed-term contracts,

Activities: ´Policy research, ´Observation (‘Observatories’), ´Qualitative and quantitative analyses, ´Advice to Ministries, to Civil Society umbrella organizations, to donor agencies

Approach: ´Multi-stakeholder approach, with interests of local stakeholders at the centre

´Linking research findings with public policymaking process, ´

´contributing to debates and decisions on major development and territorial issues

People Associated With This Organization

Amagoin KEITA

Joined March 2021
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency
My expertise area is Governance, with an academic background in political science. I am the Executive Director of Groupe ODYSSEE, a non-profit action-oriented research organisation based in Bamako (Mali). ODYSSEE in French stands for Observation des DYnamiques Sociales, Spatiales & Expertise Endogène, which means in English Observatory of Social and Spatial Dynamics & Endogenous Expertise. I am interested to interact with people and get access to resources related to legal empowerment (land rights, customary rights/justice).
Amagoin KEITA is the network champion (main point of contact) for GROUPE ODYSSEE.

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