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Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Joined August 2019

Helping Children is a human rights organization working for deliverance of justice, better treatment of human beings and for the rights and freedoms of civil liberties.

Presence in: Sri Lanka
Focus: Generalist Legal Services
  • Women Affairs.
  • Economic Empowerment of Women.
  • Support of Economic Development of Women.
  • Gender Equality, Business and Marketing Training.
  • Women Tailoring, Embroidery and Literacy Training.
  • TV and Radio Awareness Progarm.
  • Women Protection.
  • Conducting Women and Children Health Improvement Programs.
  • Child Protection:
  • Child rights awareness programs.
  • Protection of Child from abuse and violence.
  • Assessment of Child Labor.
  • Assessment of Offense
  • Legal Aid with juveniles.
  • Legal Aid Program.
  • Youth Development Affairs.
  • Educational Events.
  • Academic Events
  • International Events
  • Job Training.
  • Business Development Training.
  • Youth Role in the Community Development and Election.
  • Vocational and Educational Trainings.
  • Information Technology Training.
  • English and Computer Training.
  • Tailoring & Embroidery Training.
  • Metal Working Training.
  • Mobile Repairing Training.
  • Carpentry Trainings.
  • Motor Bike and Bicycle Repairing Trainings.
  • Social Affairs
  • Community Development Progarm
  • Gender Empowerment Program.
  • Livelihood Programs
  • Protection of Bio Environment.
  • Cultural and Civic Programs
  • Development of Social Services Networks.


  • Anti-Human Trafficking and Drug Affairs:
  • Awareness program through conducting workshop,seminars and conference.
  • Health programs.
  • Humanitarian Aids Affairs.
  • Refugees and IDPs (Internal Displaced Persons) Affairs.
  • Capacity Building Affairs.
  • World Development Program.
  • Democracy and Governance.
  • Human Rights.
  • Rule of Law
  • Social Justice
  • Peace Building
  • Non –Discrimination Program.
  • Better Tomorrow Program.
  • Education and Higher Education.




People Associated With This Organization


Sri Lanka  
Joined August 2019
Interests: Generalist Legal Services
I am an Attorney-at-Law by profession and currently the president of HELPING CHILDREN in Sri Lanka. My area of expertise is social and child rights, especially young girl`s rights and I have been engaged in litigation, policy advocacy, community empowerment, research on various rights related issues.
MUNASINGHE WIDANAGE CHANDIMA WIJERATHNA is the network champion (main point of contact) for HELPING CHILDREN.

Please contact [email protected] to report outdated information or to ask a question about this profile.