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Holanda – Individual Law Society

Partner of a law firm that focuses on assisting and training legal professionals with matters related to medicine, health and safety at work, with the objective of guaranteeing the best defense of the

Presence in: Brazil
Focus: Health, Labor & Employment

Our company provides expert advice in technical assistance in judicial expertise acting in partnership with the company and the law firm. In addition to the simple performance during the judicial examination, the technical assistant and all our staff participate actively in the whole judicial process in order to provide a strategic and specialized defense for the client in the most diverse areas that may involve a lawsuit, facilitating and enhancing the work of the lawyer in charge of the case.

People Associated With This Organization

Stephanie Holanda

Holanda – Individual Law Society
Joined August 2018
Interests: Education, Generalist Legal Services, Health, Labor & Employment
I am Stephanie Holanda, a 24-year-old Brazilian lawyer, a specialist in labor relations, founder of a law firm to prepare other lawyers in matters related to Occupational Medicine and Safety, in order to promote a skilled and multidisciplinary defense of their clients. In this way, law professionals, who not had a adequate preparation on the health of the worker, are prepared to do their work in the best possible way. I try to expand my participation to a global and international scope, because I believe that the Law needs a multidisciplinarity that is not currently found in the market.
Stephanie Holanda is the network champion (main point of contact) for Holanda – Individual Law Society.

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