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Improved Sexual Health and Rights Advocacy Initiative (ISHRAI) Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria
Joined February 2019

Improved Sexual Health and Rights Advocacy Initiative (ISHRAI)

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Economic Empowerment, Education, Gender-based violence


Improved Sexual Health and Rights Advocacy Initiative (ISHRAI) is a fore front community based initiative that focuses on the provision of numerous interventions in Health, Human rights, and economic empowerment of the LGBTI community in Nigeria. Over the past four years, our organization has strife to provide accelerated access to sexual, reproductive and mental health interventions as well as, provide human right protection intervention services to reach thousands of estrange LGBT community members in Nigeria. ISHRAI is duly registered with the co-operate affaire commission of Nigeria (CAC/IT/N093952) as a Community Base Organization (CBO) in Nigeria. ISHRAI offers several services and interventions which borders on the following:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Community development
  • Gender based violence
  • Human right and social justice
  • Youth development and empowerment



ISHRAI envisions a society that celebrates diversity and acknowledge the dignity of humanity.


  • ISHRAI works to promote the wellbeing of all Nigerians irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity by engaging in policy advocacy, capacity building, shelter homes, sports and research.

People Associated With This Organization

Olubiyi Oludipe

Improved Sexual Health and Rights...
Joined February 2019
Interests: Economic Empowerment, Education, Gender-based violence
Olubiyi oludipe is the Executive Director of Improved Sexual Health and Rights Advocacy Initiative (ISHRAI), an LGBT community-led organization working to reduce the impact of HIV among MSM and their sexual partners and provision of Human right services in Lagos Nigeria. His background as an HIV Advocate and a community-based paralegal along with his work with ISHRAI has built his expertise in community engagement and mobilization, economic empowerment, gender, sustainable development, human rights, advocacy and project management.
Olubiyi Oludipe many years of experience has help built a deep understanding on the need to enhance SRHR services for sexual minority persons. He has key interest in the provision of a comprehensive and non-discriminatory sexual health services for key affected population. Olubiyi is also a youth advocate and in this role, he promotes LGBT participation in defense of SRHR through peer education and facilitates their access to a friendly sexual and reproduc
Olubiyi Oludipe is the network champion (main point of contact) for Improved Sexual Health and Rights Advocacy Initiative (ISHRAI) Nigeria.

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