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International Justice Mission (IJM)

Arlington, United States
Joined November 2017

IJM has 17 field offices in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa

Presence in: El Salvador, Guatemala, India
Focus: Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence

IJM collaborates with local law enforcement to bring protection and justice to victims of violent abuse, including victims of sex trafficking, labor slavery, and sexual assault in 17 field offices in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

People Associated With This Organization

Diana Kemunto

International Justice Mission (IJM) (Unverified)
Joined August 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Citizenship & Identification, Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy, Protection & Safety, Women's Rights
I am Diana Kemunto, aged 24 years old. I am passionate about humanitarian work and creating legal awareness to the less priviledged persons in the community. I possess a bachelors degree in Law from Kenyatta University, a post- graduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law. I await my admission to the roll of advocate. I am a member of Amnesty International which is key in the protection and promotion of human rights in Kenya. I have also worked with Social Justice Centers in policy advocacy and legal aid.I am a christian who is passionate about protection, promotion and advancement of the rights of every individual regardless of their status in the society. I am currently a legal intern at International Justice Mission, Kenya which has enabled me to garner skills in legal writing, drafting, court process, filing and storage of documents and advocacy.

Holly Burkhalter

United States  
International Justice Mission (IJM)
Joined November 2017
Interests: Criminal Justice, Gender-based violence
Holly Burkhalter is an international human rights advocate, writer, researcher, speaker and government relations specialist. She has 34 years’ experience as a government relations specialist with leading non-governmental organizations, including International Justice Mission, Physicians for Human Rights, and Human Rights Watch. She currently serves as Senior Advisor for Justice System Transformation at International Justice Mission. Particular interests include the development of justice and protection for victims of sexual assault, forced labor, and trafficking and criminal accountability for perpetrators of these crimes against the poor and vulnerable.
Holly Burkhalter is the network champion (main point of contact) for International Justice Mission (IJM).

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