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Kosova Young Lawyers – KYL

Pristina, Kosovo
Joined March 2012
Presence in: Kosovo

Kosova Young Lawyers (KYL) as a non-profit organization was founded on August 27,2006
with an initiative of young lawyers of Kosova.

In Statue of KYL are propound some of purposes, those with priority, in which we as KYL will be focused on.
Most of the purposes that in the future will be undertaken by Kosova Young Lawyers will be aims for activities,and in short points we will present some as here under follows:
– To promote co-operation with different Young Lawyers and Law Students organizations as well as different Universities around the world;
– To create a joint union (Association) for all the Associations (unions) of the Young Lawyers of South East Europe;
– To educate youngsters in the principles and purposes of international organizations and EU institutions;
– To engage students/youth in international, national, regional, and local conferences, and to improve the knowledge and experience of members of the Center and the legal profession in dealing with European Law and International law.
– To educate Kosovar citizens on legal systems;