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Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia

Our organization promtes road safety and provides post care support including access to justice to victims and survivors of road traffic accidents in Zambia.

Presence in: Zambia
Focus: Criminal Justice, Health, Livelihoods, Right to Information

Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia was founded by Jones Shamalambo, a victim of road traffic crash. The organization was founded as a platform through which the founder will help others battling the aftermath of road traffic crashes. The organization vision is Safe road where no one is killed as a result of a road traffic accident.Our mission is to promote road safety awareness and providing psychological and physiological rehabilitation and access to justice and policy advocacy. Our target group are vulnerable frequent road users are killed and those that suffer severe road crash injuries leading to short term and long term impairment. Our primary beneficiaries include children, youths, persons with disabilities and the aged.

People Associated With This Organization

Jones Shamalambo

Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia
Joined March 2015
Am a humanitarian aid worker with national level expertise in development work. Am founder and CEO of Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia, a local NGO providing care and support to victims of road traffic crashes. As founder and CEO my role in the organization is ensure that the organization build a motivated and competent team in realizing its goals. I do this by identifying capacity needs gaps and look for training opportunities to improve them. Fundamentally, I have the responsibility of ensuring that the organization has resources available to execute its mandate.
Particularly, from this forum, am looking for capacity building opportunities in legal skills and partnership opportunities.
is the network champion (main point of contact) for Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia.

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