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Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT)

Conakry, Guinea
Joined September 2012
Presence in: Guinea

Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT)est une organisation Guinéenne de défense et de promotion des droits de l’Homme qui apporte une assistance juridique et judiciaire gratuite aux personnes privées de liberté ainsi qu’aux victimes d’abus divers. MDT fait aussi de la formation de para juriste dont elle assure le suivi sur le terrain.

People Associated With This Organization

Foromo Frederic Loua

Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT)
Joined August 2020
Interests: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Labor & Employment, Policy Advocacy, Women's Rights
Attorney Foromo Frédéric Loua is the founding president and lead attorney of Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT), one of Guinea's leading non-governmental human rights organizations.

As a lawyer and human rights activist, Attorney Loua provides legal and judicial assistance to detainees in illegal detention throughout the country. He also works to reduce the use of torture in police investigations and collaborates with various international organizations such as Human Rights Watch on various reports on Guinea. He is also a member of the Guinean Human Rights Commission.

From September 2008 to February 2009, he was a "resident expert" for the International Forum for Democracy Studies at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), where he conducted extensive research on legal system reform and the democratization process in Guinea. He was able to contribute to the reform of Guinean criminal law in accordance with Guinea's international commitments.

He also participated, alongside the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in the reform of the Guinean security forces through training on human rights and international humanitarian law.

Finally, in recent years, Attorney Loua has become increasingly involved in the promotion of a favorable legal environment for populations affected by mining projects and issues of democratic governance.

Montcho Tossa

Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT)
Joined September 2012
Foromo Frederic Loua is the network champion (main point of contact) for Mêmes Droits pour Tous (MDT).

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