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Ministry of Justice, Argentina

Presence in: Argentina
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Gender-based violence, Generalist Legal Services

The Access to Justice Department belong to the Ministry of Justice net, we coordinate joint actions with national agencies and local and social programs of national scope, with the aim of providing quick and effective responses to the needs of the community. The articulated work with other agencies facilitates the derivation and attention of the neighbors to their offices, referring to existing services of free legal representation because the Agency doesn’t make legal representation, but accompanied the neighbors during the process.

People Associated With This Organization

Facundo Carlos Ureta

Ministry of Justice, Argentina
Joined July 2016
Lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires (2008), were I live.
Actually working at National Direction of Access to Justice of the National Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. I´m supervising 12 Centres of Access to Justice located in urban slums of the City of Buenos Aires and Coordinating the National Program of Access to Justice for Indigenous Peoples.
Rights of Indigenous Peoples, housing and cooperativism are my principal interests.
In addition, i coordinate the legal aid clinic at the Universtity of Palermo and be an active member of the Lawyers for the Indigenous Peoples Rights Association of Argentina.

Maria De La Paz Carpani

Ministry of Justice, Argentina
Joined July 2016
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Gender-based violence
I work at the Ministry of Justice as Coordinator of Institutional Affairs of the Centers for Access to Justice (CAJs). These are public offices that provide legal and community services to people who are in a disadvantage situation. The main objective is to ensure the full exercise of the rights and equality of opportunities.
The CAJs have an interdisciplinary working model. This consist in giving information and orientation through legal aid. But also giving psychological and social, to different circumstances that affect the rights of the inhabitants of the most neglected communities. The basic team is composed by lawyers, psychologists, social workers and community mediators. The psychosocial team of the CAJ -composed of social workers and psychologists- attends those problems that exceed the legal field, allowing the problems to be addressed from legal aspects, social and emotional.

Maria Victoria Gama

Ministry of Justice, Argentina
Joined September 2017
Interests: Governance, Accountability & Transparency
I'm the Project Coordinator of a UNDP financed initiative at the Office of the National Director for the Promotion and Strengthening of Access to Justice in Argentina where I'm assisting in developing apublic policy on access to justice. The aim is two-fold: provide legal aid to populations in need and transmit legal skills and knowledge to vulnerable communities. As Project Coordinator, I am responsible for the development, with UNDP funding, of a national network of free legal representation that seeks to address and resolve some of the existing challenges. Under the program, universities, bar associations and NGOs will leverage and strengthen the work carried out by the Centers for Access to Justice -offices of te State that provide primary legal assistance towards daily legal problems- by organizing lawyers and law students to provide free legal representation.
Maria De La Paz Carpani is the network champion (main point of contact) for Ministry of Justice, Argentina.

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