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Imani Kimiri

Added on: Mar 21, 2019

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The NGLHRC is an independent human rights institution that exists to realize legal and policy reforms towards equality and full inclusion of the sexual and gender minorities in Kenya.

NGLHRC was founded mainly in response to punitive criminal laws against expressions of same sex intimacy which have been a major barrier to social and legal equality with effects of this felt in the lived reality of many LGBTIQ individuals in Kenya. Since 2012, we have been the go-to organization for legal aid, providing this service through our Nairobi-based office.

Our main programs include:

  1. Strategic litigation: Public interest litigation including Petition 150 of 2016 challenging the criminalization of same sex intimacy under the Penal Code.
  2. Legal Aid Community Outreaches through our Legal Aid Center: We provide free legal aid services at our offices everyday and mobile legal aid services outside the office and regions outside Nairobi. Violations reported ranges from discrimination, physical and verbal assualts, sexual and gender violence, forceful evictions, blackmail and extortion, unlawful dismissals and deed polls.
  3. Advocacy and Engagement efforts: This includes: lobbying officers;  creating art exhibits; hosting the Annual Upinde Awards; advocating for equality through traditional and digital media, holding university debates and moot courts; submitting reports to international bodies such as the UN Human Rights Council, among others.
  4. Civic education and paralegal training of LGBTIQ+ individuals on their rights as queer citizens; and building the capacity of community members to act as first responders in instances of violations. It also contributes to the increased ability of LGBTIQ persons to self represent before law enforcement.
  5. Sensitization trainings with police officers, court users’ committee members (comprised of magistrates, prosecutors, court clerks and investigating officers) , health practitioners and others on the challenges and needs of the LGBTIQ+ persons.
  6. Because Womxn: This is a program catering to the needs of lesbian, bisexual and trans* diverse persons who remain doubly marginalized as both sexual and gender minorities.

Imani Kimiri

Imani is a queer human rights lawyer, defender, survivor and feminist who has a commitment and passion to work for the advancement of equity, equality for every person and for the observance of the rule of law in all spheres. Imani has a degree of law from Kenyatta University and is currently pursuing a Master of Laws from University of Nairobi. Imani has worked as a human rights lawyer for five years at NGLHRC, one year UN (OSLA) and as a Legal officer in a Law firm for four years. Imani uses this experience and expertise in advancement of human rights issues for LGBTIQ+ persons in Kenya.


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