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Quantum Total wellness Foundation

We locate in Ghana. Our mission is to facilitate with the vulnerable to have opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potentials for better living through education, health, economic empowerment.

Presence in: Ghana
Focus: Livelihoods


Quantum Total Wellness foundation is not for profit registered organization operates in Ghana with the project site locate in various underprivileged communities since 2014. The world is full of people with different needs. While some people celebrate life, others see life as a burden and a curse. This class of people just need some level of support to put smile on their faces. It is therefore against this background that Quantum Total Wellness Foundation is embarking on a number of life changing initiatives through the use of Asset Based Community Development as a new development tool to empower marginalized women  and women with disabilities economically. We give free medical services to the needy, which includes: eye care education and conduct eye surgery. We also educate people on the importance and effective ways of using the natural (herbal) medicines. This will help them appreciate and protect their natural resources. We campaign against child abuse especially girl child. finally, we empower childless women through meaningful activities to fit into their families, societies and work places.

People Associated With This Organization

Vida Akekeodaga

Quantum Total wellness Foundation
Joined August 2021
Interests: Livelihoods
Vida Akekodaga is a well experienced Community change development expert, a trained Facilitator, gender advocate and a former Council Member in the Kasena Nankana West District of Upper East Region. She had my educational training in both Ghana and abroad specifically Coady International Institute, Canada up to masters level. She served in different organizations and offices. She was a victim of what many young women are going through today that has been my motivation to become a voice to the voiceless. She work to empower marginalized group such as people with disabilities, women in different categories( single mothers, widows, abused children, childless women, and amongst others. She has been able to use the new development tools such as Asset Based Community Development and Leaky Bucket concept to support many communities in Ghana here. About 20% women in our projects catchment areas are empowered economically, they can now take care of their children education and other expenses without necessarily have to depend on external bodies for help. She is currently working for Quantum Total Wellness Foundation as a Program Director. The Foundation's vision is to envision a world in which the most vulnerable will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty, discrimination and poor health care in their families and communities now and the future. The reason for wanting to join your network is to learn about the economic empowerment program. My experience of working with women here in Ghana for fifteen years tells me that most of the violence against women are the primary causes of women been liabilities or over depending on men. A part from that, local economy contributes about 50% growth of the Ghanaian economy. More to that, Ghana government has placed ban on illegal mining activities where many people especially women make a living. There is the need to support such women economically. About 90% of carrier women do not go through abuse from their communities or at the family level as compared to those women who cannot physically contribute to support family living. Secondly, this will help link us up with other practitioners across the globe to learn from their experiences. More importantly to access resources that will help equip the Foundation. Aside this, personal development is a key to success. It is my wish that if l am given the opportunity to join your network, we will be able to link up for learning exchange programs.
Vida Akekeodaga is the network champion (main point of contact) for Quantum Total wellness Foundation.

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