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Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE)

Nakuru, Kenya
Joined November 2016
Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Environmental Justice


Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) was established in 1999 and registered in Kenya as a regional NGO in May 2001. It is implementing programmes in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. The organization is based in Nakuru that gives it an edge over the others based in Nairobi. The Institute conducts policy and legal research on environmental and natural resources, undertakes public interest environmental and natural resources education and litigation and advocate for policies, laws and practices that empower resource dependent communities to influence policy processes and institutions that have a bearing on their access to natural resources and management of natural resource conflicts. It conducts policy research, advocacy and public interest environmental education and litigation to promote policies, laws and practices which empower citizens to participate in environmental and natural resources governance.
RECONCILE’s mission is to promote policies, laws and institutions that empower resource dependent communities in East Africa to effectively participate in natural resource management for improved livelihoods. This is informed by a vision of a society where communities in East Africa manage natural resources and natural resource conflicts for sustainable development. In the pursuit of its mission and for the realization of this vision, the work of the institute revolves around policy research, advocacy and networking on environment and natural resources. These activities are informed by the following two strategic objectives: • first, to promote the formulation of policies, laws and institutions that empower communities to manage natural resources and related conflicts and secondly to promote the implementation of policies and the enforcement of laws that enable resource dependent communities to manage natural resources and related conflicts.
RECONCILE works with communities and community groups in policy-oriented action research, awareness creation and advocacy for effective policy implementation and law enforcement. Through its collaboration with community groups, the Institute helps build the capacities of these groups for policy research, analysis and advocacy. It also undertakes public interest litigation on natural resource and environment, engaging legal processes and institution in the search for tenure, livelihoods and environmental security and justice. In this connection, RECONCILE sees participatory and accountable local level environmental governance as the foundation for democracy and security.

The Mandate of RECONCILE
The overall mandate of RECONCILE is policy research and analysis, advocacy, public interest litigation, policy and environmental education and capacity building of community organizations through:
Providing independent science-based policy advice
RECONCILE has been conducting independent scientific analysis to inform policy making and review. We have been working with the government & other strategic stakeholders to ensure the research answers policy-relevant questions. This feedback is crucial to ensure that work is robust, relevant, and useful for policy makers.

Building institutional capacity
RECONCILE includes capacity-building activities in all its programs and projects as that is vital for the long-term sustainability of the management of natural resources.

Facilitating independent and open dialogue with civil society and communities
Facilitating independent and open dialogue with civil society on the environmental implications of growth and development is crucial. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the Ecological footprint and inspire society to tackle it by conserving forests, wildlife, natural pastures and water.

RECONCILE Methodology
(1) Collecting, analyzing, disseminating, and sharing policy & NRM related statutes information
(2) providing input to agenda-setting and policy development processes;
(3) performing operational functions;
(4) Assessing environmental conditions and monitoring compliance with environmental agreements; and
(5) Advocating environmental justice.

People Associated With This Organization

Irene Mukalo

Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) (Unverified)
Joined April 2019
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights
I am interested in community development and more so in securing natural resources and land tenure. I work for Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) as a project manager on land governance and natural resources management. I seek to learn more on participatory approaches and community centered interventions to enhance the well being of the society.

Ken Otieno

Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE)
Joined November 2016
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights
Development and Policy Advocacy; Currently a Snr. Programmes Manager at RECONCILE, Technical Coordinator Global Rangelands Programme Africa component and Regional Focal Point for the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP)

Michael Odhiambo

Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) (Unverified)
Joined December 2018
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Governance, Accountability & Transparency
I am a lawyer and land governance expert, with special interest in policy, legal and institutional incentives for sustainable rural development, based on securing the land and natural resource rights of smallholder producers
Ken Otieno is the network champion (main point of contact) for Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE).

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