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Rural Advancement Committee for Bangladesh (RAC-Bangladesh)

Kishoreganj, Bangladesh
Joined April 2022

MISSION STATEMENT RAC-Bangladesh works to Enhancing the process of socio-economic development through empowering the people and building a Climate-resilience Community” where people live in dignity.

Presence in: Bangladesh
Focus: Livelihoods

Rural Advancement Committee for Bangladesh (RAC-Bangladesh) born in Bangladesh which is a very remote and Haor (wetland) area. As it is surrounded by water, so the communication with main-land is very poor. Every year the people of working areas is experienced by flash flood and flood, upstream water triggered the flash flood situation in low lying areas. The flash flood and flood hit the areas and bring huge damages in the lives and livelihood of the community. Poor communication, lack of electricity, huge illiteracy inadequate educational institutions and lack of awareness heavily affect the lives and livelihood the community. Naturally, Haor has got different Characteristics in terms of facing climate change effects and seasonal disasters which lead to huge migration and shifting of professions resulted a vicious cycle of poverty. The Haor community belongs their own culture and have own way to maintain their livelihood with huge backwardness which mislead them with prejudice, ignorance, illiteracy, dowry, early marriage, and depriving from basic rights. All these disasters cause homelessness, loss of agricultural lands, livestock and assets of the affected people. Side by side, water-bond diseases spread out which effect the people especially, the women and children. All these disasters are the regular phenomenon for the Haor community which causes huge vulnerabilities that lead to poverty. Geographically, the area is surrounded by water in rainy season and isolated from the main land and deprived from the process of development. The situation was worse before 28 years. Under these circumstances, RAC-Bangladesh was born in March 1992 to stand by the side of the vulnerable community and to bring about specific changes in the lives and livelihood of the Haor community. RAC-Bangladesh came across a challenging period of 28 years of its journey of fighting against the disasters with special emphasis to reduce the vulnerabilities of the Haor community. Since1992.

People Associated With This Organization

Mohammad Shamsuzzaman

Rural Advancement Committee for...
Joined April 2022
Interests: Livelihoods
Humanitarian Professional with more than 19 years including more than 10 year humanitarian response operation in International development organizations – Save the Children and CARE-Bangladesh and gathered diversified Humanitarian working experience - Emergency Response Operation Management-Food and NFIs distribution, Emergency WASH support including Hygiene Promotion, Emergency Shelter and NFIs Support, Education in Emergency-EiE Support and Child Protection in Emergency-CPiE Support.
I have long working Experience on Emergency early recovery, recovery and Food Security and Livelihood program Management-Cash transfer program both Unconditional and Conditional, Cash for Work-CFW and Cash for Training-CFT, Cash support for Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) program. Have good experience on partner management and capacity building for program implementation; Have skill and experience for maintaining close coordination with Humanitarian organization, clusters, others INGOs and GOB officials.

I have working experience on developing emergency response strategy, developing Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP), developing Emergency Response Team (ERT) and building through simulation exercise. Supporting procurement team for updating enlisted emergency vendors list, supporting partner’s management team for updating emergency partners list.

Have good knowledge and skill on rapid need assessment and Joint need assessment-JNA and rapid assessment with using KOBO tool. I have skill and experience on developing concept note and writing proposal for Humanitarian program, skill and access on e-single from of ECHO for proposal writing and reporting.

I have good experience on staff supervision and management including performance management and capacity building.

I have enough working experience both institutional donors-ECHO, DFID, AUSAID, USAID, UNOPS and corporate donor IKEA, KOICA, C&A, H&M foundation. I have practical working experience Humanitarian Response operation management for Rohingya and host community of Cox’s Bazar.
Mohammad Shamsuzzaman is the network champion (main point of contact) for Rural Advancement Committee for Bangladesh (RAC-Bangladesh).

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