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Amanda Bosco

Added on: Jul 08, 2019

LGBTIQ rights, human rights,

Transgender Equality Uganda (TEU) was started in April 2011 by Tushabe Beyonce, a transwoman, after noticing that transwomen’s issues were being neglected by the Ugandan LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) movement and that transgender sex workers’ issues were being ignored by the commercial sex work movement in Uganda. Transwomen suffer discrimination and violence in Ugandan society including corrective rape, mob justice, unlawful housing evictions, discrimination in healthcare services, and harassment from the media and police. Transgender sex workers also face increased violence, including rape by police officers and clients. Sexual violence towards transwomen and transgender sex workers, put the community at a higher risk for STDs/STIs and HIV/AIDS. TEU works to empower transwomen and transgender sex workers to mobilize and advocate for their rights and educate Ugandan society about different gender expressions.



Amanda Bosco

Amanda is a transgender activist from Uganda working as a programs assistant. Transgender Equality Uganda advocates for human rights of LGBTIQ rights with specific focus on transgender rights to accessing services.


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