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Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa -VIPAMARU

RUKWWA, Tanzania
Joined May 2022

The vision for Vijana Pamba na Pata Maendeleo Rukwa is to see youth stand front line in national development programs, with efficiency, creativity, awareness, being accepted in their community.

Presence in: Tanzania
Focus: Gender-based violence

Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa is Non-governmental organization with its head office at Sumbawanga Municipality in Rukwa region. The organization was registered on 2/12/2011 under the Act of non-governmental organization of 2002 with the registration No. 16NGO/00005058 in operating their work in Rukwa region and on 30 July 2021 issued new registration under the Act of non-governmental organization of 2002 with the registration No. 00NGO/R1/0025 in operating their works in Tanzania mainland. The core focus of Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa (VIPAMARU) is Child development , Youth Empowerment ,Gender Equality , Sustainable Development , Health and Cross cutting issues.
Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa since its establishment in 2011 have implemented the several programme/project; In year 2012 VIPAMARU implemented the project of mobilizing the youth particularly the women and men in participating in the Constitution making processes project. VIPAMARU implemented this project in the Rukwa region in the Sumbawanga Municipal under the funder of the Foundation For Civil Society (FCS) which makes the project to be implemented in the high performance on engaging in the constitution making processes.
Also VIPAMARU organization in May 2019 implemented the project of advocating the 4% of the funding allocated to the youth groups in the Sumbawanga Municipal to the 19 wards under the project of Data Driven Advocacy (DDA) funded by Pact Tanzania and Freedom House. The achievement of project included:- government leaders adhere the regulation and rule towards provision of funding for youth groups, Youth groups get understanding on the important of making the groups of youth for loans, Youth understand the rules and regulation that guide toward the provision of the loan. Increased awareness to the youth on the procedures on accessing the loans provided to them and all matters related to the loans.

People Associated With This Organization


Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa...
Joined May 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Paralegals, Education, Gender-based violence, Women's Rights
Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa (VIPAMARU) in implementing and undertaking the programme us the different approach on bringing intended result; Firstly , VIPAMARU use approach of consultative approach in conducting the regional and district meeting with the government leaders on addressing the issues as per program undertaken ; Secondly , Through capacity building approach , this approach are used as basis of gaps identified to the targeted group which done purposively on enhancing capacity on areas of weakness identified.
VIPAMARU also have enormous experience on managing funding from the different donors, Organization have received and managing different grants from different USAID Agencies particularly Pact Tanzania, Freedom House and Internews-Tanzania. Moreover VIPAMARU use accounting package software( QuickBooks) and having trained and competence staff who can effectively use it which enabling the organization to more accurate, enable timely report and strengthening internal financial management control system. Also VIPAMARU managing fund relaying in the three principle fund management cost of allocability, allow ability, and reasonability which enable the organization in the management fund smoothly according to the budget line.

In nutshell VIPAMARU have experienced, qualified and competitor key personal which receive updated trained depending to areas of working as well undertaking organizations works in two-way approach under Executive director. Organization staff includes:-program manager, Finance Officer, program officers, monitoring and evaluation officer, Data Clerk Officer, youth officer, gender officer, Social Behavior Change Communication Advisor (SBCCA), Children Officer and field officer, Case Manager, undertaking the project and organization works on delivering result, target and objectives of program to be implemented.
ANANIA MLALILA is the network champion (main point of contact) for Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa -VIPAMARU.

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