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WAVE Foundation

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Joined February 2015
Presence in: Bangladesh

WAVE Foundation emerged in1990 in Darsana town under Chuadanga district, situated in the south-western part of Bangladesh with the aim of alleviating poverty through implementing integrated development initiative. Since inception, WAVE undertook different activities on promoting human rights, socio-economic development of the poor and marginalized, agriculture and environment development. Along with deepening its experiences in implementing multifacted activities during last 22 years, gradually WAVE has adopted necessary changes in its programs and working trend. According to the restructuring of its programs in light of the 2nd Strategic Plan (2010-2015), main goal of the organization is people’s empowerment through promoting rights of the poor and marginalized people, local justice, food security, eco-agriculture, income generation, disaster risk reduction and climate resilience as well as upholding democratic decentralization, effective local governance and participatory democracy. According to the organization’s policy, women are given importance as the main participants in all project and program activities. Alongside field level program implementation, policy advocacy at national level is one of the major approaches of organization. In light of its program implementation approaches, networks and alliances are being organized at different levels and special emphasize is given on people’s participation, accountability, capacity building and climate change adaptation. At present, organization is implementing different projects and activities under its 4 major programs