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Women and Children Welfare and Dev’t Org

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Joined November 2021

Location: Ethiopia Mission: To Ensure Human right and Gender Equality of underserved and marginalized community.

Presence in: Ethiopia
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Health, Other, Women's Rights

Name: Women And Children Welfare And Development Organization

Year Found: 2017

Location: Ethiopia

Scope of Area: at national level.

Registration Number: 4574

Vision: Forge to create an environment where everyone equally exercise human right and its previledge with full dignity.

Mission: To ensure Human right and Gender Equality of Underserved and marginalized through actively involve in building process of democratic Governance.

Objective: * Policy and Law change towards benefit of underserved.

* Addressing Service Gap in remote and limited access for service setup.

* Building safe and peaceful environment

Programmatic Intervention: #1 Advocacy and community building.

#2 socioeconomic development

#3 Humanitarian Aid and disaster response.

#4 Climate and environmental justice.

#5 Peace building and Promotion.

#6 Women right and empowerment.

#7 Children right and welfare.

#8 LGBTIQ+ Equality and Empowerment

People Associated With This Organization

Abel Techane

Women and Children Welfare and...
Joined November 2021
Interests: Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Health, Women's Rights
Advance Human Right and Gender Equality, through serving and sharing my skill and knowledge corresponding with my qualification with more than 6 years experience of, primary healthcare coordination, health and nutrition coordination, HIV/AIDS, GBV/SRH,CMAM program supervisor, project planning, designing, implementing, monitoring ,evaluating, learning and reviewing).
Since 2018 with founder and director of “LGBTQ Human Right and General Well Being Support and Dev’t Org.” to ensure LGBTQ Human Right and Gender Equality In Ethiopia.

Allied with my organization goal I have been serving people of concern (asylum seekers, south Sudan refugees, Somalia refugees, Yemen, Eritrea, IDPs, and hosting community) in Ethiopia. In complex and emergency situation of life saving intervention of as staff, manager and middle level advisory.

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