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Wuhan East-Lake Institute for Social Advancement

Wuhan, China
Joined July 2019

To realize equal protection and inclusive development for the disadvantaged.

Presence in: China
Focus: Other

The East Lake Institute of Social Advancement (EISA), was registered as a not for profit organization in 2014 to undertake certain projects on behalf of the Public Interest and Development Law Institute (PIDLI) at Wuhan University with which it shares several staff. Sharing the experience of more than 20 rule of law projects implemented by PIDLI in the past decade, EISA has carried out several projects on access to justice and human rights with the support of UNDP China Office, European Union, UNDEF, Raul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Lund University, Sweden), Embassies of Switzerland, Canada and U.S. in Beijing, and local government departments.


People Associated With This Organization


Wuhan East-Lake Institute for Social...
Joined July 2019
Interests: Other
I am a researcher of an NGO in China. I am working on rights protection for persons with disabilities.
YIJUN LIU is the network champion (main point of contact) for Wuhan East-Lake Institute for Social Advancement.

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