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Xairu Heritage Portal ( Suurbraak Advice Office)

Swellendam, South Africa
Joined October 2020

Xairu Heritage Portal is the parent body of the Suurbraak Advice Office. It works in the community of Suurbraak but also covers farm workers in broader Swellendam area. Its vision is to empower.

Presence in: South Africa
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods

Xairu Heritage Portal is a Non-Profit Corporation with three directors Peter Le Roux, Nolan Theodore and Lesley Fredericks. We also manage the organisation on a volunteer basis. We use own funding and seek from internal or external donors without compromising our independence and principles. We will use trained volunteers as far as possible to empower more people from local community to represent and defend themselves. Nolan Theodore id full-time and we pay him only expenses.



People Associated With This Organization

Peter Le Roux

South Africa  
Xairu Heritage Portal ( Suurbraak...
Joined October 2020
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Community / Customary Land Rights, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods
I am Peter Le Roux, the Chief Executive Officer of the Xairu Heritage Portal. I lived in Cape Town, South Africa all my life. I Have a Masters Degree in Commerce and various diplomas in social law and related fields. I use to teach at a Cape Town-based university in social legislation and various management modules. I moved 9 years ago to Suurbraak, a rural community 250kn from Cape Town and work as HR Manager for local municipal council. With 2 other locals we have started the Xairu /Suurbraak Heritage Portal, a Non -profit company. This is an umbrella body which will serve as parent body for the Suurbraak Advice Office. One of the directors will work full -time in the Advice Office with others who will offer their educational backgrounds and experience to support the poor in various legal, social and economic matters.
The broad objective is to facilitate community development/ empowerment in Suurbraak.

Legal Relationship between Xairu Heritage Portal and Suurbraak/Xairu Community Advice Office

Xairu Heritage Portal, a legally registered NPC- entity that will establish under its organizational umbrella a project called the “Suurbraak /Xairu Community Advice Office” or SAO. The SAO will become a public platform of the Xairu Heritage Portal in Suurbraak and will be managed, funded and operated as such. Xairu Heritage Portal will offer office space as well as staff to operate the SAO.. It can offer the following services and community-based activities:
1. Paralegal- services
• Advice community on debt management and civil litigation arising out of it
• Employment protection against sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, unfair dismissals, UIF-related matters, Compensation Claims, Pension and Disability claims.
• Rights infringement with regards to housing and land
• Rights and application with regards to social security services
• Application for IDs and Birth certificates
• Applications for Government grants and Pensions
• Writing of Wills and assists with Funeral /life cover
• NGO/CBO and Business Registration
• Tender and contract support to local small businesses

2. Community mobilisation

• Human and Citizen Rights Campaigns
• Rights education and awareness
Peter Le Roux is the network champion (main point of contact) for Xairu Heritage Portal ( Suurbraak Advice Office).

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