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New Handbook for Environment Justice Practitioners in India

Handbook on Legal and Administrative Remedies for Community Level Environment Justice Practitioners in India


screenshot-2016-09-08-23-35-55The Centre for Policy Research-Namati Environmental Justice Program has produced an indispensable new handbook that helps environment justice practitioners in India to identify and use appropriate legal clauses and institutional routes in their work.

Environment justice practitioners, or grassroots environment paralegals, are skilled at using legal empowerment approaches to assist communities when they have been unjustly affected by environmental projects.  However, knowing which legal clauses to use and administrative routes to take for different cases can be tricky. This  handbook helps practitioners overcome this common hurdle.

The handbook, which is in English and Hindi, presents scenarios that include problem types, the likely complaints the practitioner could come across, and the legal clauses and institutions through which a remedy could be pursued for those complaints. The scenarios presented are illustrative and draw from the several cases currently being piloted for remedies by the enviro-legal coordinators associated with the Centre for Policy Research-Namati Environmental Justice Program.

To download a PDF copy, click here .

September 15, 2016 | Namati

Region: India