How Climate Finance Can Deliver Justice – A Clubhouse Conversation

Namati’s CEO, Vivek Maru, recently joined a Clubhouse conversation on the environmental and climate justice, hosted by Global Citizen. Vivek and fellow guests Mick Sheldrick (Global Citizen Co-founder & Chief of Policy and Government Affairs), Paresh Patel (E2 Equitable Energy CEO), discussed issues such as the pending climate legislation in the U.S. and why it is important for for the Biden administration to pass these bills ahead of the G20 and COP26. 

Additional participants included Bill Weihl, Founder and Executive Director of Climate Voices & the recently released Climate Scorecard, former Green Energy Czar of Google and Director of Sustainability at Facebook, and Matt Willey, Artist & Founder of the Good of the Hive.

Listen to the full audio conversation here, in two parts:

October 23, 2021 | Namati