Khadija’s Story

Khadija is Nubian, 23 years old and a resident of Makina in Kibera. Before she could obtain birth certificates for her children she had to obtain an ID for herself. Before she could apply for an ID card she had find her school certificate.

Khadija did not know what the process of applying for an ID card involved and, as a result, had never attempted to apply in the past. She heard about the NRF paralegals from Hassan Abdul Kassim, who is a paralegal himself and works for Namati’s partners, The Nubian Rights Forum. Hassan encouraged her to come into the office to learn about the ID card process. When she arrived at the NRF office, Hassan explained the process and requirements to her. Because she did not have all the proper documentation, Hassan first helped her to get a certificate from the madrasa she attended. With proof of her name, age, and schooling, her application for an ID card would be stronger.

Khadija went with Hassan to get an affidavit from the Nubian elders. She then went through the vetting process, where she was asked questions about why she did not apply for her ID card at the age of 18, where she was born, and which country she came from. Her answer: “I was born and raised in Kibera.” She knew to anticipate these kinds of questions because of the preparation Hassan did with her prior to meeting the vetting committee.

After completing the vetting process, Khadija was told to come the following week to submit her official application forms and have her ID photo taken. Hassan went with her for this part of the process too. She applied and received a waiting card, with which she could check the status of her application over time. Anytime she checked the status, she then told Hassan. Hassan also checked the status for her.

About two months later, Hassan found out the ID card was ready. He called Khadija to let her know how to retrieve the ID card from the government registration office. When she picked up the ID card, she felt so happy. She is very thankful for the help from Hassan. Otherwise, she would not have an ID card.

Once Khadija had her ID card, she asked Hassan for help to obtain birth certificates for her seven children. Her ID card is a critical document to supporting the birth certificate applications of her children. She and Hassan are just starting these application processes now. She is now trying to convince her older brother and younger sister to apply for an ID card as well.

November 1, 2014 | Namati Author