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Launching the “Resisting Injustice” Blog Series

It’s been hard to watch the news recently. With the growing refugee crisis, rise of populism, increase in vigilante justice, and birth of “alternative facts”, the legal empowerment community is facing huge challenges all around the world. Key allies who have helped support and finance access to justice seem to be turning away.

But we must not be deterred. Our community must step up, share our learnings with others joining the fight against injustice, and encourage fresh and innovative thinking to help tackle these new challenges. This is why we are launching a new blog series: “Resisting Injustice”.

Over the coming year, we will bring together a collection of voices, from comedians to civil servants to discuss why now, more than ever, we need to prioritize giving all individuals access to justice and how best we can do this together.

To launch this special series, Namati policy director Stacey Cram shares six ways to bend the curve towards justice in her inspiring, personal blog.

In the second post, Sara Andrews, Senior International Pro Bono Counsel and Assistant Director at New Perimeter, examines the role of law firms in increasing access to justice globally.

In the third, Adrian Di Giovanni, Senior Program Officer, Law & Development at International Development Research Centre explores the power of research in nurturing the “slow burn of justice”. 


February 1, 2017 | Namati

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