Call for New Partners: Community Land Protection

Namati is looking for new partners to adapt our approach to support communities in their regions.

Drawing on five years of research and field-testing, Namati and our partners have designed a powerful four-step process for protecting community lands and natural resources. Our approach supports communities to map their resources, harmonize boundaries, and formally register their lands. Communities draft and adopt rules for good land governance, sustainable natural resource management, and intra-community equity and justice. By the end of the process, communities are empowered to set the course of their own development and engage with potential investors on their own terms.

We are now ready to share this approach with organizations and build the global movement for community land protection. To keep pace with the global land rush, thousands of communities must take action to protect their rights.

Apply Here

The deadline  has been extended to April 25, 2015

Namati will provide selected partners with the tools, support, and resources they need to successfully pilot this approach. We work with partners as equals: together, we learn from experience, improve on our methods, and advocate for better government policies.

Click here to learn more about Namati’s Community Land Protection Program

March 17, 2015 | Namati Author

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