New book of essays – ‘Justice Initiatives: Legal Empowerment’

Justice Initiatives Legal EmpowermentA new publication explores the nature of legal empowerment and its impact in various forms. With an introduction by George Soros, the book includes essays from Namati staff and Network Guidance Committee members, among others.


(Preview) Table of Contents


Legal Empowerment, Justice, and Development – George Soros


Why Support Legal Empowerment – Justine Greening MP


Legal Empowerment’s Approaches and Importance – Stephen Golub

Case Studies 

You place the Old Mat with the New Mat”: Legal Empowerment, Equitable Dispute Resolution, and Social Cohesion in Post-Conflict Liberia – Peter Chapman and Chelsea Payne

Within and Around the law: Paralegals and Legal Empowerment in Indonesia – Ward Berenschot and Taufik Rinaldi

Legal Empowerment for the Protection of Community Land Rights: Findings from the Community Land Titling Initiative, 2009-11 – Rachael Knight

Legal Empowerment and the Administrative State: A Map of the Landscape, and Three Emerging Insights – Vivek Maru and Abigail Moy

The Legal Empowerment for Women and Disadvantaged Groups Program: Innovations in Project Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation – Debra Ladner and Kim McQuay

Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centers: Citizen Empowerment against Corruption – Conrad Zellmann

Legal Aid Approaches in South Africa and their Impact on Poverty Reduction and Service Delivery – David McQuoid Mason

Sustaining the Process of Legal Empowerment – Robin Nielsen


February 21, 2014 | Namati