Urgent need for reform to prevent land ‘catastrophe’ in Africa

Drawing on Oakland Institute research, Anuradha Mittal and Nickolas Johnson highlight several cases of large-scale land investment by multinational companies in Africa, including Addax Bioenergy in Sierra Leone.  They argue that without significant changes in government policies and accountability, continued land grabbing on the continent will lead to ‘mass social unrest’ and long-term consequences.  “These large-scale investments in land in Africa are resulting in food insecurity, the displacement of small farmers, further marginalizing the pastoralists and the indigenous, fueling conflict, environmental devastation, water loss, and further impoverishment and political instability of African nations,” they explain.

Namati works in partnership with local communities and grassroots organizations in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Uganda, Mozambique, and India to promote community land rights and sustainable development.  In Sierra Leone, Namati helped a village renegotiate their rights under a new agreement with Addax Bioenergy.  To learn more:



April 16, 2013 | Namati