Using the Law to Defend Indigenous Lands: New Video from ‘Territories of Life’

Territories of Life is a series of videos produced by LifeMosaic to shares stories of resistance, resilience and hope with communities on the frontline of the global rush for land. The latest video, ‘Using The Law‘, examines strategies for using national, regional and international law to fight against the takeover of indigenous lands. The 12-minute video looks at three legal cases in Indonesia, Tanzania and Paraguay using national, regional and international law. It also looks at the advantages and drawbacks of going to court.

‘Using the Law’ forms part of the Territories of Life video toolkit, a series of 10 short videos aim to spark discussions and visioning of the future, and to support indigenous peoples in their defense of their rights, territories and cultures. Working with hundreds of local partners, LifeMosaic is facilitating the widespread distribution of Territories of Life to a primary audience of thousands of indigenous communities in over 10 countries in South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.The Territories of Life toolkit is currently available in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Spanish, and it is hoped that it will soon be dubbed into French and Kiswahili.

A related video from the toolkit, ‘Land Rights‘, can also be viewed on the Territories of Life website.

Copies of Territories of Life 2-DVD packs are available free for indigenous communities and supporting organisations. The videos can also be downloaded online at

December 1, 2015 | Namati Author

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