In February, the Global Legal Empowerment Network took part in an annual survey to assess where our movement is at and where we need to go.

The results are in, and they tell us a lot.

We are an extraordinary global community—representing over 150 countries. We are united by a common purpose: putting the power of law in people’s hands. But we face real challenges.

Feedback from our members shows that our field is caught in a two-sided crisis.

Many of us are struggling for funding. Sixty-seven percent of respondents either had to make cuts or will not be able to operate in the coming year due to funding concerns.

Our field is also under threat. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said they were threatened for carrying out legal empowerment work.

What should we do about it?

Members voted overwhelmingly to prioritize advocacy on financing and protection for grassroots justice defenders. So we’ve launched a new global campaign, Justice For All.

Together, we are:

  • Making the case for greater investment in our field, with the goal of raising billions of dollars for grassroots justice work around the world;
  • Advocating for measures that protect the safety and independence of grassroots justice defenders;
  • Spotlighting network members who demonstrate courage and innovation.

Ninety-six percent of respondents said they want to take part in this campaign. We invite you to join us as we #TipTheScales towards #JusticeForAll. Sign the pledge to support and protect grassroots justice defenders everywhere. Become a campaign supporter or join the monthly coalition call.

Our movement doesn’t have to be starved for resources or perpetually at risk. We can change that reality together.

Notable Replies

  1. In May, Musa Usman Ndamba (@ndambamusa) , a justice defender from Cameroon and member of the Global Legal Empowerment Network, was sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of 1 million CFA ($1,000 USD). This comes after five years of judicial harassment for unsubstantiated allegations of defamation by a wealthy and powerful business man. His hearings were adjourned over 55 times during this period, impacting his work, health, and family.

    Thankfully he was recently released on bail after significant pressure and advocacy by many members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network, but his case epitomizes the urgent need for greater protection and financing for justice defenders. The Justice For All campaign is the need of the hour.

  2. It’s high time advocates build members to rally around them in a time like this, we need volunteers to stand for us. I have over 2500 volunteers and we still keep growing in numbers everyday, we also train them in paralegal for self development.Am sorry for everything you’ve gone through.

  3. Good day from SA and good to hear from you after some and and hope that you are OK.

    The struggle for grassroot justice continues.

    Seth Mnguni (Acaosa)

  4. Pablo says:

    We are at the point of building a union after we start we will join all organizations together and we will be able to support one another hold on till we meet up and our next conversation I’ll have more to say

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