Sylvester Appiah-Honny

Network Officer, Grassroots Justice Network , Ghana

I am a trained Paralegal and an Advocate with 9 years’ experience in human rights practice and protection with regional focus in Africa, capacity building, prisoners’ rights, advocacy, public education, team building, rule of law, collaboration/networking expertise, and legal reforms within Ghana’s criminal justice sector.

I hold Bachelor of Laws Degree and Arts [in Psychology, Geography and Resource Development] from the Central University and University of Ghana respectively.

Prior to joining Namati, I served in various capacities at the POS Foundation i.e Project Manager, Paralegal, Admin/Finance Officer and managed several projects in Ghana and the West African Sub Region:

  • Justice For All Programme – which provides access to justice for Pre-trial Detainees in efforts to de-congest overcrowded prison facilities by organizing Mobile Special Court Sittings in Prisons to adjudicate Remand cases.
  • In-Prison Paralegal Program – Trained incarcerated persons and officers as paralegals to offer assistance to fellow incarcerated persons to appeal on their cases by self-representation per Article 19 (2)(f) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.
  • UN Universal Periodic Review – Managed Ghana’s Civil Society Platform under the UPR, a peer review mechanism of the human right record of member states of the United Nations
  • Promotion of Rule of Law and Judiciary – Promoting Small Scale Cross Border Trade, Rule of Law and Use of Technology in West Africa

I like swimming, hiking and adventure.