10 Days of Local Action: Action Pack

This September, world leaders and grassroots justice defenders will mark the 10th anniversary of the  Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor​. This presents us with a unique opportunity. With the attention of world leaders trained on the anniversary, we have the chance to spotlight the work of our community from the last decade and highlight the existing gaps around financing and protection for  grassroots justice defenders. In the 10 days following this landmark 10th anniversary, we want to mobilize our community to take local action to change the way that leaders deliver on their promise, made at the  United Nations, to ensure all people have equal access to justice. We are calling it the 10 Days of Local  Action. This pack includes practical tools for supporters, partners, and grassroots campaigners to advance the goals of the Justice For All campaign – increasing funding and protection for grassroots justice defenders – around the 10th Anniversary of the Commission of Legal Empowerment of the Poor, called the 10 Days of  Local Action.