AdvocAid Case Study

This case study looks at AdvocAid’s life-changing work in relation to the death penalty. AdvocAid supports women in Sierra Leone that have been detained or imprisoned, providing them with free legal advice, representation, education and welfare support as well as post prison support.

When AdvocAid was formed in 2006, the death penalty was still part of Sierra Leone’s constitution and five women were sentenced on death row. AdvocAid has represented all five of these women, with four being rightfully released and the last still having her appeal heard. Scores of women have fallen afoul of the law because of poverty, illiteracy, or just misfortune, as this case study demonstrates.

Thanks to the campaigning of AdvocAid and its partners, the country is a de facto abolitionist one and the government confirmed to the United Nations in 2014 its commitment to abolish the death penalty through legislation (delayed due to the Ebola crisis).