Data Management Training of Paralegals and Managers

This report catalogs the proceedings of the Data Management training organized by the JSCO and NAMATI for Paralegals and their Managers under the Legal Empowerment Shared Framework held from 21st & 25th April 2017, at the Ocean View Hotel in Juba, Freetown. The Legal Empowerment Shared Framework Project (LESF) is funded by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa to increase the provision of primary justice services in communities across Sierra Leone through the use of Paralegals. The LESF Project is implemented in several countries across Africa and South America and in Sierra Leone, six partner institutions are participating in the scheme. The objective of the training was to introduce and build the capacity of partner paralegals and their managers in the use of the case records forms and the web-based data management platform. This was done to counter varied data and ensure the comprehensive and standardized/uniform collection, collation, analysis and reporting of data generated in communities.