Diagnóstico de necesidades jurídicas insatisfechas y niveles de acceso a la justicia

Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos de la Nación,

El presente informe sintetiza los principales resultados de una investigación realizada por la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, a solicitud del Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos de la Nación ‐Secretaria de Justicias, Subsecretaria de Acceso a la Justicia. La investigación tuvo por objetivo la elaboración de un Diagnostico Nacional sobre…

Children’s Right to Early Education in the City of Buenos Aires: A Case Study on ACIJ’s Class Action

Fernando Basch,

Through a complex litigation strategy that involved freedom of information requests, budget analysis, and media dissemination, the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia, or ACIJ) pressured the formerly reluctant government of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to acknowledge a legitimate unsatisfied claim related to school vacancies for initial-level education…

Declaração da Villa Inflamable pelo Acesso à Justiça para todas/os e pelo Empoderamento Jurídico

Latin America Legal Empowerment Network,

No marco do encontro latinoamericano de experiências em empoderamento jurídico, que se realizou em Buenos Aires, Argentina (de 19 a 24 de junho), as 24 organizações participantes decidimos criar a Rede Latinoamericana de Empoderamento Jurídico. Durante o encontro, discutiu-se e assinou-se a “Declaração da Villa Inflamable pelo Acesso à Justiça para todas/os e pelo Empoderamento…

Declaration of Villa Inflamable for Access to Justice & Legal Empowerment for All

Latin America Legal Empowerment Network,

The Latin American Learning Exchange on Legal Empowerment, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 19 to 14), included 24 organizations who decided to create a regional Latin American Legal Empowerment Network. During the meeting, the “Declaration of Villa Inflamable for Access to Justice & Legal Empowerment for All” was discussed and signed. The…

Member Spotlight: Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators


The Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators (also known by its Spanish acronym IJFP) works to build access to justice for vulnerable women and indigenous communities who live in rural areas by establishing a program of judicial facilitators or paralegals, with national coverage, administered by the Justice Department and recognized by the judiciary. Network Spotlights are…

Social Audit in the Argentine Legislature: Obtaining and Publishing the Affidavits of National Senators

Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth, María Baron,

This social audit initiative was undertaken by the Transparency Division of the Center for Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth [Area de Transparencia del Centro de Implementación de Políticas Publicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento (CIPPEC)]. Its mission was to obtain and publish the Affidavits disclosing assets and financial status submitted by…

Participatory Monitoring of Land and Housing Policy in the Municipality of Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Community Council on Land and Housing Policy, María Andrea Castagnola,

The first experience in participatory planning and administration in the area of land and housing policy occurred in 1998, in Buenos Aires Province. The Deliberating Council [Consejo Deliberante] approved a grassroots initiative to create a Community Council for Land and Housing Policy. The Community Council, made up of 14 government and civil society representatives, has…

Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment of Victims of Domestic Violence through Legal Organizations in the City of Buenos Aires A Qualitative Empirical Legal Study

Julieta Marotta,

Members of society approach the judicial system when facing problems. Connections between the judicial system and the members of society should flow smoothly under ideal conditions, yet that is not always the case. This lack of flow generates unequal access to the courts and to the use of rights, especially for vulnerable groups. Reforms are…

Guía de análisis presupuestario con enfoque de derechos para la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Martín Sigal, Luciana Bercovich, Mariel Acosta, Dalile Antúnez, Verónica Gil Libarona, Juan M. Mamberti, Victoria Vaccaro,

It is undeniable that policies can not be implemented without the allocation of public resources that are necessary to make them effective. The strong connection between fulfilling the rights and budgetary resources to realize them imposes clear limits on state authority over the process of drafting the budget law and its implementation. Often they argue…

Manual de derechos: Para conocerlos, exigirlos y transformar nuestro barrio

Mariel Acosta, María Trevisani, Liliana Alderete, Luciana Bercovich, Silvia Ebis, Cecilia Sarobe, Martín Sigal, Laura Tarbuch,

El manual pretende acercar las herramientas legales a las comunidades que las requieren y que podrían aprovechar su utilización para exigir el cumplimiento de sus derechos. Entendemos que el trabajo coordinado entre ciudadanos y ciudadanas y organizaciones sociales, que conozcan sus derechos y las formas de hacerlos valer, sumado a la efectiva utilización de los canales…

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