Africa Prisons Project Impact Report 2017

African Prisons Project,

This resource is a 2017 impact report from the Africa Prisons Project, which begins with the following introductory note from the founder and Director General: Over the past decade, I’ve visited prisons all around Africa, where the majority of prisoners are still awaiting trial. In terrible conditions, their circumstances appear overwhelming and their future seems…

Justice Needs in Uganda: Legal Problems in Daily Life

HiiL Innovating Justice ,

At the end of 2015, HiiL, supported by the Swedish Embassy in Uganda and The Hague Institute for Global Justice, carried out Justice Needs and Satisfaction Survey (JNS) in Uganda. Its purpose was to provide information and insights on the state of access to justice in Uganda. For its successful completion, 6,202 adults were surveyed….

Advancing Public Health through Strategic Litigation: Lessons from Five Countries

Open Society Foundation,

The law has a critical role to play in advancing public health in general, and in promoting the health of marginalized populations in particular. The Global Commission on HIV and the Law, for instance, has documented the positive role that strong legal protections can play specifically in addressing HIV. In its view, with interventions for…

Legal Empowerment and Social Accountability: Complementary Strategies Toward Rights-based Development in Health?

Anuradha Joshi,

Citizen-based accountability strategies to improve the lives of the poor and marginalized groups are increasingly being used in efforts to improve basic public services. The latest thinking suggests that broader, multi-pronged, multi-level, strategic approaches that may overcome the limitations of narrow, localized successes, hold more promise. This paper examines the challenges and opportunities, in theory…

Lessons from the Field: Oral to Written – Practical Processes in Documenting Community Land Rules

Priscilla Aling, Judy Adoko, Suzane Irau,

Namati partner the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU) shares insights into how staff facilitate the community rules-writing process.

Evaluation of Grassroots Community–Based Legal Aid Activities in Uganda and Tanzania: Strengthening Women’s Legal Knowledge and Land Rights

Julia Behrman, Lucy Billings, Amber Peterman,

Progressive legislative actions in Uganda and Tanzania have improved women’s legal rights to land, however significant gender disparities persist in access, control, inheritance, and ownership of land at the grassroots level. One promising mechanism to improve the implementation of laws is through Community–based Legal Aid (CBLA) programs, which are typically designed as pro–poor to enhance…

Addressing the Information Requirements of the Urban Poor – A Government-Community Partnership in Piloting the Social Tenure Domain Model in Uganda

Danilo Antonio, Jack Makau, Samuel Mabala,

In the recently published State of the World’s Cities (2010/2011) by UN-Habitat, it was highlighted that urban slum population is expected to increase to 1.4 billion by 2020. Such realization has triggered a continuing debate in the global development discourse on a new phenomenon – the urbanisation of poverty. The benefits of land administration systems…

Community Empowerment and Participation in Maternal Health in Kamwenge District, Uganda

Aaron Muhinda, Joyce Mugarura, Abrahams Mutumba Zahura,

The status of maternal health in Uganda has remained poor despite the country’s relatively fast economic growth of the past 20 years. The proportion of women delivering in health units remains low and there is a gap between the numbers attending antenatal services and those delivering in health services. In Kamwenge District, where as in…

Doubly Traumatised: Lack of Access to Justice for Female Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Northern Uganda

Amnesty International,

Amnesty International is strongly concerned that despite the cessation of hostilities in the conflict in northern Uganda, the incidence of violence against women and girls remains high. The organisation is further concerned that because of many insurmountable challenges and practices in the legal system, there is a culture of entrenched impunity for violence against women….

Study on Gender and Access to Justice

Government of Uganda,

Gender has a significant influence on access to justice in Uganda. Alongside other  poor and marginalized groups, women have received little protection from the justice system. This study for the Ugandan Ministry for Justice and Constitutional Affairs identifies the barriers obstructing women’s access to justice and recommends policies that could lead to a more equitable…

Ugandan Community Stops Illegal Sale of their Land

Posted by Namati in Community Paralegals, Land & Natural Resources

In 2016, officials from the Amolatar district in Northern Uganda approached Okello Alex* with an offer. They wanted to buy land from him for a prison farm. Okello agreed. But there was an issue: it was not his land to sell. The land belonged to Alemere community—a fact that both Okello and the officials knew…