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A Cambodian Guide to Defending Land and Housing Rights

By: Bridges Across Borders, Southeast Asia Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, International Accountability Project

A Facilitator’s Guide of participatory legal rights training exercises focusing on defending land and housing rights in Cambodia. The Guide has participatory exercises and text for facilitators to use in the following subjects:

Book 1- Your Rights Under International Law (Khmer + English)

How to use Cambodian guide to defending land and housing rights
Development and displacement
Introduction to human rights
The right to adequate housing
Eviction and your rights

Book 2- Your Rights Under Cambodian Law (Khmer + English)

Classification of land
Landowner rights
Possession rights
Indigenous community land rights
Eviction and compensation under Cambodian law
Contracts for land sale

Book 3- Defending Your Rights (Khmer + English)

Defending your rights through registration and documentation
Defending your rights through legal remedies
Defending your rights through advocacy
Glossary and appendix