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Benelex Learning Module on benefit-sharing and the rights of indigenous peoples over natural resources

By: Elisa Morgera, Thierry Berger

This resource is the BeneLex Learning Module focused on benefit-sharing and the rights of indigenous peoples over natural resources.

This module will, first, highlight opportunities to protect the natural resources of indigenous peoples by relying on both international environmental law and international human rights law. It will then discuss various ways in which the rights of indigenous peoples to natural resources can be protected looking in turn at the obligations of the government and of private companies.

The Learning objectives of this module are to enable community representatives and advocates to utilize proactively international benefit-sharing standards to:

  • Expand the scope and methodologies of environmental assessments and consultation/consent practices in order to move beyond a pre-determined set of development options and “make room” for indigenous peoples’ worldviews in natural resource decision-making; and
  • Enhance indigenous peoples’ agency, control and capabilities for the full realization of their rights to natural resources, rather than only “limit damage” to their territories, lands and resources, with the cooperation of governments and private companies.

The targeted users of this learning module are indigenous peoples and local communities’ representatives, and human rights and environmental advocates.

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Uploaded on: Mar 01, 2019
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2019
Year Published: 2019
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