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Declaration of Villa Inflamable for Access to Justice & Legal Empowerment for All

By: Latin America Legal Empowerment Network

The Latin American Learning Exchange on Legal Empowerment, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 19 to 14), included 24 organizations who decided to create a regional Latin American Legal Empowerment Network.

During the meeting, the “Declaration of Villa Inflamable for Access to Justice & Legal Empowerment for All” was discussed and signed. The document establishes the values and commitments that will guide the group, as well as 26 exhortations to public institutions, private sector, and international bodies to guarantee access to justice for all.

While the organizations involved work on diverse issues and contexts, they all agreed that legal empowerment and access to justice are fundamental steps to fulfill the rights of vulnerable communities. Thus, we decided to join efforts to share learning, produce information, and articulate advocacy at national, regional, and international levels.

The Declaration can be found in Spanish here and in Portuguese here . Write to if you are interested in signing on to the Declaration.