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Illustrated Cases of the Supreme Court of India

By: Justice Adda and Manupatra

The Supreme Court of India has pioneered some landmark judgments in the area of environmental law, labour reform, gender and sexuality, issues of public duty, child rights and many others.The purpose of this project is to translate and produce cases in a language that is easy to understand, use and share. It is an endeavour to simplify concepts through visual design.

These judgments have influenced the public discourse, have inspired generations of lawyers, reformers and activists and have contributed to access to justice for the last person.

The purpose of this project is to translate and produce cases summaries that support and explain issues that impact the everyday life of citizens when they resolve their common justice problems.

Through this collection, Justice Adda with the support of Manupatra have attempted to highlight the key issues at stake through a series of simplified texts and illustrations in the hope that the language of  the Court could be transformed in to one that can be understandable and useful for citizens interested in learning about their rights and entitlements.