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Innovations in Rule of Law: A Compilation of Concise Essays

Executive Summary:

The importance of the (inter)national rule of law for peace, fairness, and economic growth is generally acknowledged inside and outside the United Nations. However, there is mounting scepticism regarding the success of rule of law promotion by the UN and other international organizations and donors at the national and international levels during the past two decades.

While this scepticism is justified in some respects, it risks overlooking areas where innovations have been made, important insights have been gained, and tangible successes, fragile or more robust, have been achieved in the past 5-10 years.

This publication aims to highlight some of these innovations and insights through a series of concise papers by key experts and organisations in the area of rule of law. Based on these papers we have also prepared a publication “Innovations in Rule of Law – Visions for Policy makers”, where summaries of the four sections and policy recommendations can be found.

The report thereby hopes to contribute to the debate in the UN General Assembly on 24 September, 2012, and to subsequent discussion and action by states, international organizations, governments and civil society.

Uploaded on: Nov 10, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 07, 2015
Author: Bremen Donovan

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