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Integrated Development Programme of Women-Cooperatives to Reduce Gender-Based Violence in Nepal


Since March 2010, the UK has been supporting this program through Paralegal Committees (PLC). PLCs, a community based mechanism, were initially established in 1999 and since then they have been working on preventing and responding to a wide range of rights violations experienced by both women and children.

The program has four components:

  1. Awareness raising/legal empowerment: whereby women and children are aware of their rights.
  2. Early detection and problem solving: it identifies individuals vulnerable to violence and provides them with appropriate protection support.
  3. Referrals: helps survivors of violence to seek services and support from formal and informal institutions such as legal aid providers, social services and formal legal system.
  4. Monitoring, reporting and follow-up: offers follow-up support to survivors of violence and keeps record of incidence of violence.

The following report analyzes procedures and outcomes of this program based on qualitative data.