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Legal and Judicial Sector Report – Uganda

This study examines and evaluates developments in the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) institutions, noting both the achievements and continuing challenges of reform under Strategic Investment Plan Phase I and II (SIP I and SIP II). It pays particular attention to the SIP guidelines and objectives and to the outstanding challenges described in various reviews of the JLOS institutions, more specifically: (a) the Commercial Court; (b) the impact of the establishment of the Centre for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution on case backlogs; (c) the adequacy of legal education to meet the needs of the sector in view of recent reforms, and (d) the provision of legal aid services to the poor to increase their access to justice. Page 2 of 121 The study also touches on the challenges identified by the Medium Term Evaluation of the JLOS (JLOS MTE), which warranted detailed study and which informed the development of SIP II. They include law reform, legal education, access to justice for the poor and particularly in the conflicted areas of Uganda. In addition, Administrator General’s Department, having been left out of SIP I and its evaluation, is described and evaluated in some detail.

Uploaded on: Jun 28, 2016
Year Published: 2009

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Community Paralegals, Generalist Legal Services, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law Tool Type: Monitoring, Evaluation, & Case Management Forms, Reports / Research Method: Research Languages: English Regions: Uganda