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Met and Unmet Legal Needs in Moldova

This study was undertaken to determine how often people in Moldova experience problems that might have a solution in the civil or administrative justice system. It also aimed to estimate the categories of problems (problems of a legal nature or justiciable events) and what do people do about these problems (the paths to justice chosen). The study also sought to determine the extent to which the overall population is satisfied with the current avenues offered by the legal system to solve the problems people face as well as the levels of confidence of the population in their ability to solve the encountered problems (legal empowerment levels). The study only focused on problems of a legal nature, justiciable events, which are life events that raise legal issues, regardless of whether the citizens recognize them as “legal” or not and regardless of whether in response to the problems the formal legal system have been used. Crime related problems do not fall within the concept of justiciable events (except issues related to compensation for crime-related problems and police response to these complaints) and have not been the subject of this study.

Uploaded on: Apr 06, 2013
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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